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​​​​​​​​​Call 0121 554 1220

Monday to Saturday 9am-1.30pm. 


Please read the following before you contact me:​

Grammar School Assessments​​

Kindly note that in running a high-quality service for groups limited to just five students or fewer, I do not have as many places available as large tuition centres, which have unlimited classes.  Accordingly, please read the information below before you make contact with me. 


Please do not call me about 11+ tuition until you have received an email from me in response to an email enquiry from you. Instead, please read the following and send me the requested information in an email to the address provided in point 1 below.


1. Assessments for state school students only for entry into a Year Four group to begin in September 2017 are taking place NOW. Please click <Grammar Schools> and <FAQ> tabs for further information, and then (if I haven't put you off the whole process!) send me an email to .  (Important: please don't click on this link.  Instead, send me an email directly from your own email address.) Kindly include the following details:

(1) the name of your child's school. Remember that I take students from state (not independent) schools only

(2) your child's month and year of birth; 

(3) your child's school year as of September 2017; 

(4) your own full name, postal and email address; and 

(5) your landline (not mobile) telephone number.

I will send you full details of the assessment process so that you may then decide whether to contact me directly for a telephone discussion.   


2. There are NO PLACES for grammar ​school preparatory students in Year Five and NO WAITING LIST for this year group.  For safeguarding reasons, I have a policy of not recommending other tutors, even for subjects in which I have no vacancies, so please do not call or send emails regarding Year Five students.  


3. I have been receiving several calls and emails every day from parents of children in the year groups for which I am not recruiting, as well as from parents of children at independent schools.  Nearly every call has been requesting that I make an exception for the caller's family's particular circumstances. I have had to disappoint every single person.  For this reason, please do not call or send messages asking me to provide tuition for students covered in point 2 above, or to ask me to recommend other tutors, as I will not do so for safeguarding reasons.​

5.  Because of the high number of email messages I receive daily, I shall no longer respond to <Contact Us> form or email requests about tuition for students in Year Five.  

6. Remember that if your enquiry concerns 11+ tuition, kindly send an email before you call me.

7.  This is a family home, as well as my place of work; I employ no staff. At certain times of the year I can receive up to 30 calls a day.  Please call me 9-1.30pm Monday to Saturday only.  There is an answerphone at other times.  Please make use of this facility. Kindly leave a landline (not mobile) telephone number. ​ I will endeavour to respond to messages within 24 hours in term time, or possibly slightly longer in the school holidays.  


Call 0121 554 1220

Monday to Saturday 9am-1.30pm.

Kindly use my email address .