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GCSE English & English Literature (OCR and AQA syllabi)

& A-Level English & English Literature / E.Bacc. / I.Bacc.



GCSE English

There are no vacancies for individual or group GCSE tuition with me before 2023.



A-level English & English Literature and English Language and Literature for the International Baccalaureate ('IB') and English Baccalaureate ('EB')


There are no vacancies for individual or group AS & A-level tuition with me before 2023.



Please do not call me to ask me to recommend other tutors. It is not my policy to do so, even in subject areas where I have no vacancies.


Please note that in all the above subject areas, I do not provide assistance in preparing coursework or controlled assessments.


Updated 25.12.16



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