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After 27 years of taking 525 students through the grammar school tests, NFER, CEM and GL, I am ceasing 11+ grammar school tuition completely.  Of 531 students, 528 were awarded places in a grammar school.

That's a 99.4 pass rate over nearly three decades.  I am very proud to say that every one of these students was from a state school.  In 27 years, only seven families have recommended me to their friends or families.  "Birmingham's best kept secret" is a cliche, but sadly true in my case.

But I'm not giving up teaching completely! I will be continuing to prepare students from both state and independent schools for the premier-league independent schools of Birmingham (and beyond): King Edward's School (boys', known as KES) and King Edward's High School (girls' KEHS).    

Please navigate towards <11+ Independent Schools> for more information.
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