Current students attending group preparatory tuition for grammar school entrance, who are also taking the highly competitive premier-league independent schools' entrance tests, have priority for individual tuition with me.


Nevertheless, vacancies could arise occasionally if families relocate or circumstances change.    


Individual and small 'family' group tuition takes place at my home in Handsworth Wood.  I do not make visits to people's homes: all 'my' families travel to me.

Subjects offered


Occasionally, places are available for individual students from state schools (or students in a small family group, where children are at the same key stage) in the following subject areas:

•      English and mathematics for Key Stage 2 students (junior school, aged 7-11 years)

•  English, mathematics & reasoning for independent schools' preparatory tuition for students (junior school, aged 9-11 years)

•  English only for Key Stage 3 students (secondary school, aged 11-14 years)

Please note:

Because of the high number of requests to reschedule pre-booked tuition:

•  I no longer offer English, English language or literature GCSE.

•  I no longer offer English for A-level or English Baccalaureate (EB) or International Baccalaureate (IB) students (aged 16-18 years)




At most times of the year, all available places are taken. There are no places available in the present term, but there might be opportunities in future terms.  I will announce any available places for individual tuition in the future on this page, so do please check back here regularly.


Please send me a message via the <Contact Me> form below if you wish to request individual tuition. This way, I will have a record of your request, and will able to contact you easily if a place should arise in the future. 



Kindly note that individual tuition with me is a realistic possibility only for students who are able to arrive in Handsworth Wood for a start at 3.45pm.


I do not offer individual tuition for grammar school preparation.  Please do not contact me to request this service.

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