Dr Karen O'Rourke Tuition is not associated, and has never been associated, with any other tuition provider and will take civil action against any tutor who claims I work for him. All tuition is delivered by me personally.  To ensure consistency of teaching quality , I do not employ any staff.


From September 2020, I will be increasing my provision of online tuition in English and Reasoning. From that time, all tuition will take place mostly online or occasionally at my home in Handsworth Wood, and not in a tuition centre.  I expect to have limited places available for individual students entering Years 4 and 5 only, from September 2020.


Independent school preparatory tuition places with me are reserved usually for students who attend state schools and, occasionally, mature and productive students from independent schools.  Hardworking students with effective parental support and who are currently attending grammar school preparatory tuition with me will have priority for available places.  Nevertheless, from September, I expect to have limited places available for new families in the British Isles, offering opportunities for new students to achieve their full potential.


Please send me an email with your contact details in the <contact me> form below. I will contact you within 72 hours to arrange an informal Skype or WhatsApp discussion.


However, before getting to this stage, please read the comprehensive information below first to familiarise yourself with the way I prepare students for these highly competitive and challenging tests.


My own 11+ students naturally have priority for individual tuition for independent schools' entrance tests. However, vacancies arise occasionally for suitable students, and you should check this page regularly for updates.


For some students who show above average natural ability, some of the 'premier league' independent schools in Birmingham offer

•             generous bursaries ('assisted places');

•             academic & music scholarships;

•             awards of combined scholarships

               and assisted places.

Many of my students have been awarded scholarships with assisted places; and some of these families are charged no fees at all!

Parents often don't realise that the premier-league independent schools in Birmingham offer a limited number of generous bursaries and scholarships for suitable students; and yet many do not realise until it is too late that the selection tests differ considerably from the grammar schools' entrance tests.

Grandparent of girl with an assisted place at KEHS

The preparation for KEHS was totally different from the preparation for grammar schools.  I am glad we had you to guide us.  I am so grateful that you encouraged us to think well out of the box and to see that some independent schools are actually elite institutions, not at all for grammar school failures!  [Our daughter] had [points totalling over 260] in the grammar school tests, but we have never regretted sending her to KEHS on her scholarship and assisted place.  Not for one minute.

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