How to contact me;

please read carefully

                                                         Amherst Avenue

                                                                    Handsworth Wood


                                                                       (3 miles north of Birmingham Centre)


Please read the information below before you make contact with me.


There is no <contact form> on this page.  Please  use the contact form on the relevant page of this website by selecting from the menu above.

If there is no <contact me> form on the relevant page, the reasons for this will be explained.  Usually, the reason will be because there are no longer any vacancies for the particular tuition that you are seeking. In running a high-quality service limited to just five students or fewer in each group, I do not have as many places available as large tuition centres, which have unlimited-sized classes.  

Some parents believe that they can by-pass my selection process by contacting me directly by 'phone or visiting me at my home, without an invitation or appointment.  Such tactics always have the very opposite effect than those parents intend.   

1. 11+ tuition:

Please do not call or visit me about 11+ tuition without an appointment. Kindly read my <GRAMMAR SCHOOL FAQ> page for details about how and when to contact me.


2. For other enquiries, please use the form on the relevant page, selected from the menu above.


3. The waiting lists for Year 5 is closed.

4.  In spite of my requests, I have been receiving several calls, visits and messages every day from parents of children in the year groups for which I am not recruiting. Nearly every call has been requesting that I make an exception for the caller's family's particular circumstances. I have had to disappoint every single person.  For this reason, please do not call or send messages asking me to provide tuition for students covered in points 1 and 3 above, or to ask me to recommend other tutors, as I will not do so for safeguarding reasons.

5.  I regret that I am unable to offer general advice about the 11+ to anyone other than my own students, so please do not call me for this reason.


6.  This is a family home, as well as my place of work; I employ no staff. At certain times of the year I can receive up to 30 calls a day.  Please do not telephone or call in person at my home unless you have an appointment.  Kindly use the <CONTACT ME> form on the relevant page of this website.

7.  I am always well-disposed to considerate families who understand the reasons for my needing to limit contact to families for whom I have actual vacancies to offer.  Your patience will be rewarded if you contact me through the relevant pages of this website.  Thank you.


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